Wheel loaders /Loading and transportation of raw materials/

Merex JSC owns one Liugong type auto loader made in China and it is one of the necessary machinery in concrete mixture industry for loading and transportation of filling materials such as sand and gravel.

Wheel loader specifications:

-       Engine Weichai, Capacity 162 kWatt /220 horse power/

-       Net weight 16,500 kg

-       Bucket capacity 3 m3

-       Wheel size 23.5-25.0

-       Fuel capacity 300 litre

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Concrete mixture carrier vehicle

Our company has 24 mixer vehicles of the Hyundai HD-270 type made in Korea for the purpose to distribute and deliver concrete mixture to construction site and mixer is a vehicle with cone-shaped mixer for delivering prepared mixture.

We deliver customer desired products to anywhere in the city of Ulaanbaatar in a timely manner with this vehicle with capacity of 7m3; and transport concrete mixture to construction site and pour it to buildings under construction.

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Concrete pump truck

       Our company owns three Hyundai concrete pumping trucks with pump lengths of 44 meters, 36.15 meters and 43.15 meters , stationary concrete pump machine of Kia and Asiamotors. Concrete pump trucks are used for pouring concrete mixture at hight and long destinations. From some of specifications of concrete pump trucks:

-       Engine measurement: D6cb41

-       Length of wheelbases: 7,850 (1,700+4,850+1,300) mm

-       Technical dimensions: 13,330x2,495x3,980 mm

-       Concrete pumping capacity:  Up to 164m3 per hour

-       Pump length: 44 m in vertical direction, 38.5 m in horizontal direction

-       Pump axis: Turn radius 365 degrees, "X" type pump support (front: 7.98 m / rear: 8.63 m)

-       Wheel size:11.00 x 20-16.

-       Engine capacity: 7m3 , Type: D6cb3h

-       Length of wheelbases: 4,590 (3,290+1,300) mm

-       Technical dimension: 8,325 x 2,495 x 3,660 mm

Fuel capacity 350 litre, Axis 6*4, Max speed 101 km/h 

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Description: F:\Merex\mashin mehanizm\Суурин помпнууд.jpg


Micro bus

Workers' bus is necessary for transporting workers to and from the factory in every evening and morning because the factory is located in the industrial district. It is planned to purchase one Hyundai County bus with 25 seats for project.

Technical specifications

Vehicle type:   Hyundai County

Number of seats:         24+1

Max speed:     109 km/h

Engine mark:   D4al

Engine type:    Diesel, euro -1

Engine capacity:          3,298 cm3

Max capacity: 115/3400 (kW(max)/min)

Gearbox:          5-speed, manual

Length of wheelbases: 6345x2035x2755

Net weight:     3760 kg

Total weight:   6360 kg

Length of wheelbases: 3350 mm

Wheel: 7.00r16-10pr