Employees of "Merex" JSC pay special attention to prevent any risk for our products buyers. Many risks occur during purchase and pouring of concrete. Thus, we provide about 10 measures for free such as ingredient of concrete mixture type, cone slump and its maintenance.

Risks during concrete mixing:

1.         Ingredient of concrete mixture

The purpose of this measure is to determine the amount of concrete mixture for any building being constructed. Excess and shortage of concrete mixture occurs when some organizations and individuals fail to know the exact amount of concrete mixture required for construction and order by their own estimation. In this case, the customer is usually the one who bears the risks.

2.         Type of concrete mixture

Because of lack of concrete type knowledge and to save money, clients order low grade mixture which leads to cracks and breakings after it has been started using. It is recommended to always ask for advice from the mixture supplier in order to prevent this.

3.         Cone slump

Cone slump or risk is caused from improper identification of dense and fluid concrete mixture and it happens a lot. High slump concrete causes high pressure during the pouring into the formwork which leads the concrete to split-up the formwork. In such a case the customer is forced to re-pour the concrete into the formwork or to dispose the concrete.

4.         Winter condition

When the water contained in concrete freezes, it becomes ice and its volume increases, which damages the un-bonded compounds and makes it un-restorable. As a result, it loses its strength and structure is completely broken.

Prior to freezing of concrete in cold condition, it is required to create strengthening condition and also to seek professional advice, to fill the concrete, to heat the water or to use additives especially for cold environment, and also to reduce the time to transport and pour.


Professional personnel from our company goes to the construction site and gives all the above mentioned advices to prevent any risks than can occur. Not just advice about concrete mixture, but to also on maintenance and usage of our products.