Merex IPO shall receive orders from 2014.03.0.3 to 2014.03.21
Posted on: 2015-02-24

We would like to inform that however primary market transaction of Merex JSC securities (MSE:MRX) was planned on March 10, 2014, but in order to increase opportunities for the public to participate in the primary market transactions and to attract more investors, deadline to receive orders is extended to March 24. Therefore, we have the following information to clients and investors.



For this:

1. Orders for purchasing MRX shares shall be received through all broker-dealer companies from March 3 - 21, 2014.

2. Shares shall be supplied on March 24, 2014.

3. Money for purchasing shares shall be placed in own account of SCHCD prior to making order.

4. If you are placing money from abroad, the money shall be placed in State Bank Account No. 34130006580 and if you are placing money from domestic please place the money in 12 digit account at SCHCD. Please refer to your broker-dealer company for money deposit account number. General instructions are shown below.

In order to purchase new share, please deposit the money as shown below.

From domestic locations:

  • Receiving bank: SCHCD /Securities Clearing House and Central Depository LLC/
  • Receiver's name: Your last and first name
  • Receiver's account number: **** **** **** /Please refer to your broker. 12 digit number/
  • Transaction meaning: Share money, /please include Registration Number, and phone number/

From abroad:

  • Receiving bank: State Bank
  • Receiver's name: SCHCD /Securities Clearing House and Central Depository JSC/
  • Receiver's account number: 34130006580
  • Transaction meaning: Your last and first name, Registration No. Account No. /please contact your broker for you broker account number/

Additional information:

1. 26 million shares of the company sold to publicly for the first time shall be sold by the specified price of 100 tugrug.

2. These orders shall only be taken at the specified price, therefore time priority will not apply. In case where number of orders exceeds number of selling shares, proportionate method of distribution shall be used.

3. Please visit and sites for brief and detailed description of securities of Merex JSC.

4. Also, please visit our company on Monday - Friday from 9:00 - 18:00 and additional information and materials shall be available for you. Tel: 70114433

5. 65,005,000 stocks of "Merex" JSC (MSE:MRX) which costs 100 tugrug each were registered on the securities list of Mongolian Stock Exchange by order of Executive Director of "MSE SOC" dated January 14, 2014 based on the Resolution No. 514 of Financial Regulatory Committee dated December 18, 2013.

6. "Merex" JSC was established in 2012 to operate in foreign trade, sales of construction materials fields. Currently constructing TW-2500 concrete mixture factory made in Korea in Songinokhairkhan district with capacity to produce 150 m3 concrete mixture. In order to streamline the production, to fully implement the business plan, and to successfully implement its activities; 2.6 billion tugrugs were drawn from public or 40% of overall shares or 2.6 million shares offered to public.